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 Tournament Rules

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PostSubject: Tournament Rules   Thu Jan 21, 2010 6:00 pm

Depending on the size of the dueling table, the tournament will last at most 5 days. In those days, no matter how many days, you will only get 6 hours to get online and stay online in the hamachi network of the tournament. Every tournament will start at a certain hour and will last for 6 hours during a day, if you are not in the hamachi network within those 6 hours that the tournament started then you will disqualified intermediately. The time that the tournament starts is posted in the forum, you will have to look for the right tournament.

For every tournament, you will have to make a deck based on the rules that the moderator of the tournament made. You can not leave the hamachi network for any cause, doing so will mean a disqualification. Duels have to be organized the way the moderator of the tournament dictates (you will be notified by PM once the tournament starts), you can not duel your opponent more than twice a day, unless the moderator tell you to do so.

Every duel in the tournament will be decided by 3 matches, the winner of 2 duels gets to move up in the dueling board, if you are not in the dueling board then you are out of the tournament. In every duel, the players have to save their replays just in case of a disspute.

After a duel, participants have to send a private message (PM) to MistxZero AND TO BomWatchOut with the following information:

if you won the duel: " In my duel with [opponent] i emerged victorious,
here is the link to the replay: [ link ]

if you lost the duel: " In my duel with [opponent] i lost, here is
the link to the replay: [ link ]

any comments, post them here
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Tournament Rules
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